Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just a Touch

If Ihaven't disclosed this before here, I LOVE technology. I'm always wanting the latest gadget and am excited when something new comes out. Of course, I had to get an iPhone ASAP and since I've had it, we have been inseparable. I, actually, left it at home once and felt completely lost throughout the whole day. I check my email, surf the web, update my calendar, check the weather, seriously, this phone does everything.

My husband, who also has an iPhone, got me hooked on the iTunes App Store. I have quite a few pages on my phone loaded with handy apps. One of my favorites is Touch Closet by Bay Dynamics, Inc.

The application allows you to upload/take photos of items in your wardrobe and then categorize them by type of clothing/shoes/acc. You can also add color/brand/date info. While it takes a while to take pictures, I've started doing this everytime I've gone shopping or when I'm doing laundry and the clothes are already out. So far it has come in very handy when I'm shopping and trying to figure out if I have an item that coordinates with an item I want. You can also create outfits for future use. Plus, it has a feature to shop select retailers or add their clothing to your closet, too.

I love being able to access my closet even when I'm far from home, and the best part is the ability to log on to the TC website online and check out your wardrobe from there.

I have tried out other apps like this, and this is by far my fave. I cannot recommend this app enough, just because of how fun and functional it is, and best of all it's free!


  1. how cool....I am totally going to download this app tonight!

  2. omg...that would take a million years to take photos of all your clothes! Great concept though!

    and thanks for the comment! Yay for TX bloggers. =)