Friday, July 17, 2009

Much Ado

Dress: F21; Necklace:F21; Wedges: Michael Antonio

Yeah!!! I finally got my hair done today. I got the whole works, cut, dye, and style, so I was there for a couple of hours. After debating what to do with my hair, I actually went darker than usual, so it's taking me a while to get used tto the color which is a chocolate brown? color. I do love the cut! Instead of long side-swept bangs, I got them cut a little shorter, but decided to go against completely short blunt bangs that so many ladies can pull off so nicely. I think my face is TOO round! But this is enough of a change for me that I'm happy.

In other news, my hubs came back unsuccessful from his fishing trip. I told him if he caught anything, I'd post pics on my blog, but alas, nothing but small catfish took the bait :(. Maybe next time!

P.S. The dress was $13 at F21!


  1. you look so pretty!! I love that color on you, very flirty and feminine :-)

  2. your hair looks great and so do you!

  3. pretty the wedges