Monday, March 23, 2009

Texas Monthly- Style of Texas article and my teal t-straps

Yes, we may live in the great state of Texas, but we don't all wear cowboy boots (all the time)! The March issue of Texas Monthly takes an in-depth look at Texas Style. From our wide-brimmed hats to gaudy "quince" dresses, everything is bigger in Texas. My favorite article in the issue lists the 30 Texans who changed the look of our state.

Although I was surprised by some of the choices, (Davy Crockett, Willie Nelson) here are some of my favorite style icons that made the list.

Ann Richards- The tough as nails governor once told former first lady, Hilary Clinton, that when it comes to hair, you either go big or go home!

Farrah Fawcett- A native of Corpus Christi (:D) and UT grad (Hook 'em Horns); Before becoming a Charlie's Angel, she was named most beautiful in high school. The ubiquitous poster of Ms. Fawcett sporting nothing more than a red one-piece bathing suit, with her hair fabulously feathered, has graced more walls than any other.

Selena- The raven haired-beauty, whom J.Lo immortalized in the film bearing her name, brought sex appeal to Tejano music and was poised to become a crossover star before her untimely death. The Corpus native designed many of her body-hugging sequined performance outfits and inspired many girls to embrace their curves.

Eva Longoria Parker has come a long way from being referred to as "la prieta fea" which means the "ugly dark one. This former Miss Corpus Christi continues to heat up the silver screen as Gabi on Desperate Housewives. She's also topped several "sexiest" lists in the past years.
And Ms. Sasha Fierce herself, Beyonce, is named, too. The House of Dereon designer is also the girl who introduced the world to the term "bootylicious." 'Nuff said. These are two stars who aren't afraid to to go after what they want and look good while their getting it.

There's an eclectic group of Texans examined in this article, and it made my day just reading it.

On a side note, I had the Monday blues today and wasn't inspired to throw on anything remotely fashionable today, but my velvetty t-strap pumps made for a less gloomy day. ;)

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  1. those are fabulous shoes!

    I didn't know that all of those people were from TX!!!